OOTD: The Neutral Plaid Coat You Need in Your Winter Wardrobe


**Wow. It’s been a long minute since I wrote my last blog post. The past few months have been the busiest of my life so far. Not only did it affect my mental, physical, and emotional health, it took me away from what I love doing – blogging. 2020 is a new year and I have a new mindset, too. I won’t let Oak & James fall to the wayside again, because to be completely honest, I missed this so much. Rest assured 2020 will be different and you’ll get tons of new, interesting content here. And thank you to those of you still reading after my hiatus. It means a lot to me.

2020. The new decade is here. It’s wild to think how much has happened in the past 10 years, but no matter what, we always evolve with the changing landscape. Those changes also include our style. If I look back on my style in 2010, I’d see a girl wearing flower crowns and Vans sneakers with ombre hair. (Intentionally doesn’t insert photo of 2010 self.) Luckily a lot has changed since then. Even in the past year, I find my style changing and getting more “put together.”

In a way to honor my ever-changing style and the style that’s the most “me” right now, I figured a stylish 2020 OOTD was the best way to kick off the new year! This Winter, I am finding myself gravitating towards two items – cool, interesting coats and ALL the turtle and mock-neck tops. In past years, I’d have my one or two solid, everyday coats that were plain and went with everything. Now, I’m loving coats of different lengths, patterns, and shapes. It makes the coat feel more like a part of your look than just a utilitarian piece. I’m loving this obsession, and the best part is that I can wear coats for YEARS.

This particular coat is one that will be in my closet for years to come. From Target for only $75, this neutral plaid coat is everything you need for a fashionable, yet wearable coat. The pattern is small enough so it doesn’t clash with anything colorful underneath, but pair this with a neutral outfit and GIRL, you’re going to be looking cute. It’s super long, which is perfect for my 5’8″ frame. If you’re shorter, it may be something you want to get hemmed! Here are some other options, too!

Paired with the coat is none other than my other Winter obsession – a turtleneck. This cream one, also from Target, is perfect for Winter days that aren’t too cold. It’s a thinner fabric, but it is completely opaque. And it’s great, because you won’t find yourself having endless hot flashes in this because of the breathability. And right now, it’s on clearance for only $10! Grab this in all the colors while you can! Lastly, I threw one my trusty Universal Thread high-waisted, dark-wash jeans. They are SUPER comfy and have held up for years. I accessorized with a thin brown belt from H&M, the CUTEST booties from Mod Boutique, and sunglasses from Amazon (RayBan knock-offs for only $12!)

Let me know what your loving for your Winter style this year! And for more fashion posts, head over to our Fashion page!

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