Product Review: St. Ives Cleansing Sticks


When I first saw St. Ives advertising their new Cleansing Sticks, I knew I had to give them a try. I love the concept. It’s an easy-to-use stick cleanser that targets a multitude of different skin issues. To me, that sounds pretty wonderful. But is it actually as wonderful as it sounds? Well, I have to say that they certainly lived up to my expectations.

Let’s first start off with the logistics and design. The cleanser is in a solid, stick form that you twist to move the stick up — kind of like a stick of deodorant. I could see some people not loving the design. The stick is somewhat hard and it feels a little strange dispersing the product on your face. But in my opinion, the design is quite handy, especially for traveling. You don’t have to worry about cleanser leaking out into your toiletry bag. Needless to say, I’m a fan of the design. After traveling with it, the design of the cleanser wins my vote.

Now for the good stuff — the actual product. Let me just say, I love each of these cleansers. I especially love the Matcha Green Tea & Ginger cleansing stick. I use it at night and it cleanses my skin without stripping it of its natural moisture all while clearing up my blemishes. I had two problem spots on my skin when starting to test out the cleansing stick and it cleared up my skin within a few days. Not to mention, it smells just like the Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon scent. It takes me back to my middle school years, which could definitely be seen as a positive or a negative. I also love using the Cactus Water & Hibiscus cleansing stick in the morning, as the feeling and scent are very refreshing.

Overall, these St. Ives Cleansing Sticks are an affordable skin care product that have quickly proven to be the key to clearing up my skin. They have the Oak & James seal of approval.


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