Monthly Favorites: March 2018


Peace out, March! Hello April! Every month on O & J, I will be posting a handful of my favorite things from that month. It can be anything from makeup to food to people to places. In March, I found some pretty spectacular items. And I’m excited for what’s to come in April…maybe a little adventure is in order? Stay tuned!


Gold-Studded Black Sandals

How cute are these?! I love a good sandal once the weather warms up, so I was able to wear these a handful of days in March. These Forever21 sandals have small golden studs lining the straps. It’s such a small detail, but it makes the shoes a touch edgy! Since they are Forever21 and were only $18, I don’t expect them to make it till next spring and summer, but they will definitely be a staple in my wardrobe for the next few months! Go check these sandals out here!

Bath & Body Works White Fragrance Mist

I love perfumes and fragrance mists, but I don’t usually spend a ton of money on them. If I can find some inexpensive, great smelling fragrance mists, I normally go for that over a high-end perfume. I love this fragrance mist because it smells much more like a perfume than a body spray. It is a floral scent that has a little spice to it. It is a beautiful spring scent. Unfortunately, Bath & Body Works doesn’t have this listed on their site anymore, but Target sells a fragrance mist from the brand Good Chemistry called “Daydreamer” that smells similar to the Bath & Body Works scent!

Maybelline Loose Finishing Powder

This powder is the powder of MY DREAMS. It is seriously THE best powder I have used in a very long time. I apply it with my damp Eco Tools Blending Sponge and dap it all over the face and under the eyes to set my foundation and concealer. I kid you not when I tell you that I look poreless with this powder on. It has very light coverage, but it makes everything look so smooth and it keeps the oils at bay for hours. Get your hands on this powder!

Wet & Wild Photo Focus Matte Primer

Used in conjunction with the Maybelline powder and the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation, this primer is the affordable primer I’ve been waiting for. I’d even go as far as to say it’s better than the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer. It has a slight silicone/slightly lotion-like texture that makes my skin look smooth and keeps the shine away.

Double Hoop Gold Necklace

I am a dainty jewelry kind of girl. Statement jewelry has its time and place, but I always gravitate towards simple gold jewelry pieces. I find most of my jewelry at Forever21. Again, it isn’t the highest quality jewelry, but I’ll choose this $3 necklace over a ton of other necklaces. It has two small hoops that intertwine and a thin gold chain. It’s simple, pretty, and just what I look for in everyday jewelry.

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