Your New Favorite Fall Cocktail: Cranberry Apple Moscow Mule


With the changing leaves, we tend to change our food and drink choices, too. As soon as Fall is here, I get my recipes for chili and pumpkin bread out. I also change up my cocktails and hopped brews of choice during the Fall months. Out with the pina coladas of Summer and in with the Oktoberfest craft beers and spiked ciders. But what about changing up a classic cocktail and making it perfect for Fall? Meet the Cranberry Apple Moscow Mule. I have seen a few recipes online for Cranberry Moscow Mules, Apple Cider Mules, etc. but I wanted to put my own twist on this re-imagined Moscow Mule. And believe me when I say, you NEED to try this cocktail. It has wonderful, warm flavors that make it feel like Fall, but it is still refreshing and light. This has become my new favorite Fall cocktail and I can guarantee it’ll become yours, too.

This Cranberry Moscow Mule includes only a few ingredients, but the flavors of each compliment each other perfectly. Feel free to sub out any ingredients if you aren’t a big fan of some of them,  but there is one ingredient you need to keep in this recipe make this cocktail really shine, other than the vodka (duh.)  Cinnamon. Don’t use ground cinnamon either. Use a whole cinnamon stick. It gives this refreshing, bubbly Moscow Mule a warm, smooth flavor that really gives it it’s Fall feel. So go enjoy this Cranberry Apple Moscow Mule on a crisp Fall day and thank me later.

PS. These glasses are from Target’s Opalhouse collection. They are super cute.

fall cocktail cranberry apple moscow mule

Cranberry Apple Moscow Mule

(Recipe is for two servings)


4 Oz. Vodka

4 Oz. Cranberry Juice

1/3 Cup Sparking Apple Cider

4 Oz. Ginger Beer

Cinnamon Sticks

Cranberries and Apple for garnish



•   Fill two cocktail glasses with ice. Combine vodka, cranberry juice, and sparking apple cider and pour into glasses. Top off with ginger beer and a cinnamon stick (and a floater of vodka if it suits your fancy). Garnish with cranberries and apple. Enjoy!


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