Should You Wash Your Face with Sparkling Water?


I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard of some crazy beauty techniques. I’ve heard of everything from using toothpaste to calm zits (doesn’t work) to using red lipstick under your eyes to color-correct dark circles (definitely can work). It all seems pretty crazy and most strange beauty tactics you hear about will probably not work. I tend to not give them too much attention. However, when I heard about using sparkling water to help cleanse your skin and clear your pores, I was intrigued. Not only was it intriguing because I am an avid lover of sparkling water, but it makes some sense. It’s been a Korean beauty trend for many years to having sparkling water in beauty products. And I could see the bubbles and carbonation being quite invigorating. So, I said why not, and I gave it a shot. Here’s how using sparkling water on my face worked.

washing your face with sparkling water review

After doing some research, I figured that plain sparkling water would work perfectly for this experiment. I grabbed a large bottle of Perrier Water (holy heck this stuff is expensive for water, but actually quite affordable for a beauty product). There are a few methods of application that I discovered during my research. You can either soak a cotton round or cotton ball with the sparkling water, rinse your entire face in it, or literally dunk your face in a bowl full of the bubbly water. Not too keen on the idea of submerging my head in a bowl of expensive sparkling water, I decided to soak a cotton round. I took the sparkling water-soaked cotton round and applied it to my face just like I would with a toner. From a first impression, I could feel a difference in my skin. It felt a little bit for firm and very smooth. There weren’t too many noticeable differences in the appearance, although I didn’t expect much of a visible difference in the first go.

For one week, I continued to incorporate the sparkling water into my beauty routine in the mornings and evenings. Each time, I felt the same tightening and smoothing effects. After about the fourth day, I started to notice that visible difference I had been waiting for. Surprisingly, my pores looked smaller and my blackheads on my t-zone looked less noticeable. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a massive difference, but I could tell some small improvements. I also saw some improvements in the oiliness of my skin. Throughout the week, I felt like my skin wasn’t producing as much oil. It could’ve been something else, but I have a feeling the sparkling water played a small part.

Overall, I am surprised. Incorporating sparkling water into my skincare routine was a crazy beauty technique I am happy I tried. Although the results weren’t life-changing, it made my skin look and feel better than before I gave this technique a shot. I highly recommend giving it a shot yourself. If you try sparkling water in your skincare routine, let me know how it goes for you!

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washing your face with sparkling water review

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