Buy This, Not That: Winter Edition


With trends constantly changing and styles endlessly evolving, it can be hard to stay on trend, especially on a budget. The fashion pieces you’re dying for are always way too expensive. Well fret no more! I’ve picked out some of this season’s best pieces and found dupes for them so you can save some moo-la for all of next season’s trendy garments, giving you all the more reason to Buy This and Not That. This is a new series I’m starting on the blog so expect new Buy This, Not That posts every season!

To kick things off, let’s start with one of the prettiest sweaters that has ever existed. I found this sweater on the Nordstrom website a few weeks ago and immediately felt the need to shell out the $90 to buy it. Luckily, I did some research and found a near exact dupe on for half the price at $46. Win! It’s the most vivid kelly green color and is slightly cropped, which make it easy to tuck or untuck. It’s a great thickness so it’ll keep you nice and warm!

kelly green turtleneck sweater buy this not that fashion dupe

Teddy coats are all the rage this winter. I even shared one of my favorite teddy coats in my Winter Coats Under $100 You Need in Your Closet blog post. Longline style teddy coats are perfect for the super cold months because they keep you SUPER warm. This one from Need Supply is the perfect, classic long teddy coat with a price tag of $150. I’m a fan of Need Supply since it’s a local Richmond company, but the price tag isn’t my favorite. Although it’s not a crazy price, you can find a very comparable, super cozy teddy coat from Bohme for half the price at $70. Believe me when I say, this coat is dreamy. 🙂

teddy coat winter fashion buy this not that dupe

You know what would go perfectly with the LuLus green turtle neck or the Bohme teddy coat? These snakeskin boots! Snakeskin is the latest and greatest animal print in fashion. These Dolce Vita snakeskin boots at $170 are stunning and add an extra touch of wild to any outfit. Luckily, Sam Edelman makes a pair that are nearly exactly alike for only $50.

teddy coat winter fashion buy this not that dupe

Leather jackets are the definition of classic. They add an effortlessly cool feel to any outfit. This brown leather jacket from Revolve is the perfect addition to any winter sweater and it is a whopping $498. For genuine leather, that’s not bad. If you’re willing to forego the genuine leather, this LuLus brown leather jacket has a very similar shape and style but is only $69.

brown leather jacket winter fashion buy this not that dupe

What are your favorite fashion pieces this Winter? Let me know in the comments below.



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