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We all know the drill – you go on Amazon and you spend your entire paycheck on far too many things that you don’t necessarily need but hey, free two-day shipping makes it worth it, right? Amazon is a go-to for any and all things you might need in your daily life and they make it so easy. Too easy. But one thing about it that isn’t easy is finding exactly which products are better than others. You base your purchase decision off of reviews and you take a bet if it’ll be good or not. Skincare is one area I generally don’t like to take that bet. I need items that are going to work and won’t break me out. To clear through some of the clutter in the skincare section, I’ve rounded up the best skincare finds on Amazon that I’ve tried. All of these products are staples in my routine and they might just be perfect in your routine, too.

Aztec Secret Healing Clay Mask

Figured I’d start this list off with the most obvious, best-selling skincare product on Amazon, and for very good reason too. This mask will extract any dirt or oil from your face within minutes. It’s the most powerful and effective mask I have ever used. I was a little weary at first seeing as the packaging literally says “Feel your face vibrate”. Let’s just say, they aren’t kidding. It works wonders on my skin, especially during that time of the month when my skin just isn’t it’s best. You get a TON of product and you mix it with either water or apple cider vinegar to create the wet clay texture. I prefer using ACV, but feel free to try it with both and see which you prefer. If you have problematic skin at all, you need this affordable clay mask on standby.

Purchase the Aztec Secret Healing Clay Mask.

best skincare products on amazon

Jason C-Effects Antioxidant Face Lotion

The best way to describe this facial moisturizer is that it’s an antioxidant powerhouse for your skincare routine. It’s packed with tons of antioxidants and vitamins to help keep your skin looking fresh and even. I’ve been using this face lotion for a few months now as my morning moisturizer and have loved it. It has a bright citrus scent and isn’t very thick so it’s ideal for morning application. This moisturizer deserves way more hype especially since it’s so affordable, too!

Purchase the Jason C-Effects Face Lotion.

best skincare products on amazon



I first discovered Bio-Oil when I was in high school and to this day, I always keep a bottle on my vanity. It’s truly a miracle product. It helps improve fine lines and wrinkles, diminishes the look of stretch marks and scars, and improves uneven skin tone. Not to mention, it’s an oil so it’ll keep your face super hydrated. Some oils can break me out but this one leaves my skin breakout free. Apply just a few drops each night before bed and within weeks, you’ll notice a major difference in your overall skin health. If you only buy one thing off this list, I’d have to recommend this one.

Purchase Bio-Oil.

best skincare on amazon bio oil product review

BaeBody Eye Gel

Also an Amazon skincare product with a cult-like following, the BaeBody Eye Gel is a game-changer. i’ve used many eye creams and eye gels and this one takes the cake. It’s super refreshing and is filled with amazing ingredients that help combat fine lines and wrinkles. With hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, and a bunch more high-quality ingredients, you really can’t beat the quality and price. After using this product for even just a few weeks, I notices my undereye area looking so much smoother.

Purchase the BaeBody Eye Gel.

best skincare products on amazon

Avarelle Acne Cover Spot Patches

Acne can be a total pain, but these patches are actual life-savers. One of my biggest problem areas for acne is my chin, but I also get the occasional pimple else where so I like having the variety pack with multiple sizes. If I have a breakout, I will throw one of these on before I go to bed and let it do it’s job while I sleep. By the morning, the tree tree and calendula oils have made my breakout significantly smaller and the redness is completely gone. If you struggle with acne, these patches might need to make their way into your shopping cart.

Purchase the Avarelle Acne Cover Patches.

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