The Essentials I Keep In My Handbag


I’m a girl that’s always on the go, so I need my handbag full of the essentials and ready to tag along with me 24/7. I’m also the kind of girl who doesn’t love carrying a large purse. I like a small, compact crossbody that I can toss over my shoulder; however, small bags make carrying all of your essentials a little tricky. It’s a fine art fitting all your must-haves in a purse that is smaller than some peoples’ wallets. Over the years, I have mastered this art and have narrowed down what I need to come along with me on my daily adventures in my everyday purse, my A New Day Flat Crossbody Bag from Target. I love this purse because it is small, goes with everything, and can double as a clutch. Checks all my boxes!

Double Zipper Faux Leather Wallet

The most essential out of all the essentials — the wallet. This is the Merona Double Zipper Faux Leather Wallet from Target. It has ample room for all your cards, cash, change, and everything in between. Since it has two sides, I keep all my most used cards in one side and my gift cards, insurance cards, etc. in the other so I can have them on hand, if needed. My favorite part about this wallet is the color. It’s a blueish gray that goes with EVERYTHING. It also has a handy wrist strap if you want to carry it as a clutch.

Mattifying Powder & Powder Brush

This may seem a little strange to keep in my bag, but I carry it with me in case my makeup starts looking a little too shiny for my taste. I’ve been using the Covergirl Clean Matte Powder with an E.L.F. small powder brush. The powder is finely milled and makes the shine disappear. This is especially helpful to have on hand when it starts getting warmer outside.

Lip Balm & Lipstick 

I HAVE to have chapstick or some sort of lip balm with me at all times. One of my pet peeves is chapped lips and this Blistex Five Star Lip Protection lip balm is perfect for keeping chapped lips at bay. I also like to keep a nude colored lipstick on hand if I want to amp up my look on-the-go. I’ve had this L.A. Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick in Hush in my bag for awhile and it is a beautiful “your lips but better” shade.

Hand Sanitizer

Flu season. Germy door handles. Grimy credit card machines. Do I need to give you another reason why I keep this in my purse?

Other Random, But Necessary Essentials

Sunglasses (These ones are from Old Navy.)

Headphones (In case I need to jam out to some Bee Gees without annoying everyone else around me)

A pen (I prefer to use my own pen wherever I go.)

Car & house keys (for obvious reasons)


What do you all keep in your handbag? Let me know in the comments below! Want to keep reading? Check out my Everyday Makeup Routine blog post!

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