Product Review: Pacifica Kale Detox Deep Cleaning Face Wash


Ever since my teenage years, my skin has always liked to cause issues. Whether it’s random blemishes or acne scarring, my skin never seems 100% content. My skin’s discontent always leads me to try new skincare products and a few weeks ago, I came across the Pacifica Kale Detox Deep Cleaning Face Wash. Little did I know that this little green tube was filled with magic. Literal magic. If you have problematic, blemish-prone skin, you need this in your life and let me tell you why.

product review pacifica kale detox deep cleaning face wash

For starters, Pacifica offers a wide range of skin care products. You are bound to find a range that suits your skin type. For those of you with acne-prone skin that tends to be oily, the Kale Detox Deep Cleaning Face Wash might just be your saving grace. This natural formula face wash blows my mind for a few reasons. First, everytime you use it, it leaves your skin feeling soft, clean, and fresh removing excess oils WITHOUT stripping your skin. Second, it keeps my oily skin calm and my skin doesn’t get nearly as oily throughout the day. Because of this, my makeup looks better all day long. A nice little bonus, I must say! Third, my blemishes don’t stand a chance with this face wash in my skincare arsenal. As soon as a blemish starts showing, I wash with this face wash and it’s gone within a day or two.

Another great aspect about this face wash is that it is paraben and silicone free and filled with natural ingredients. Ingredients like kale and seaweed offer healthy benefits for your skin that you can’t get from other face washes. Lastly, this face wash is under $10. You read that right — under $10. Skip that next Chipotle bowl and go to Target or Ulta to get this face wash. I guarantee you will not regret it. And that’s saying a lot since you are choosing this over Chipotle. All my oily skin, blemish-prone peeps out there will love this face wash, so it will be worth it.

product review pacifica kale detox deep cleaning face wash

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