Product Review: Colourpop No Filter Foundation Stix


I’ve been a Colourpop fan for a few years now. Ever since I first tried their liquid lipsticks, I knew it was a great brand. Since then, I’ve tried and tested out a ton of their products – their brushes, ultra blotted lips, concealers, and almost everything in-between. Colourpop recently released a line of foundation sticks that claim to provide:

  • Medium, but buildable coverage
  • Feel weightless
  • Blend seamlessly
  • Natural-skin finish

All the claims sound perfect for an everyday, go-to foundation, but how does the Colourpop No Filter Foundation Stix really stack up?

Colourpop no filter foundation stud product review

To start, let’s talk about first impressions. The sleek, white packaging is quite luxurious for only being a $10 foundation. It feels sturdy, so it should be perfect for travel. Overall, it’s a no frills, but high-quality packaging that I can definitely appreciate. The shade range is also pretty good for the price – 30 shades ranging from fair to deep dark with cool, neutral, and warm undertones. The shade range of the Colourpop No Filter Foundation Stix definitely beats out some drugstore brands. I chose to go with Light 50W described as a “warm foundation with yellow undertones for light skin tones.” Pretty straightforward.

For the application, I wasn’t sure at first as to how much I should put on. Luckily this foundation claims to be buildable, so I started off with three swipes on either cheek and a little bit on the forehead, nose, and chin. I found that this foundation works really well with a flat top foundation brush as compared to a beauty sponge. I find this to be the case with nearly all stick foundations. With the amount that I first applied, I got pretty good coverage – definitely light, barely medium coverage. The light coverage doesn’t make me mad though. i loved that I could still see my skin, but it looked more even overall. The finish definitely lived up to the claims of being a natural finish. With my oily/combo skin, I didn’t know if I’d look like an oil slick by the end of the day but the foundation had a natural finish for at least 5 hours before oil started to peek through.

In order to test the buildable claims, I applied a touch more to my cheeks, chin, and nose. Blending it in with the foundation brush was easy and it added just the extra touch of coverage that I was looking for. After applying the rest of my makeup, it really felt like I wasn’t really wearing foundation. It’s super lightweight and my skin can still breathe with the Colorpop No Filter Foundation Stix on. Here’s my before and after with this foundation:


Colourpop no filter foundation stud product review


Colourpop no filter foundation stud product review

Overall, I am super pleased with this foundation. It was super easy to apply, made my skin look naturally gorgeous and even, and lasted a good amount of time. And I get all of this for $10?! Heck yes! I can guarantee you this beats out every drugstore foundation stick I’ve EVER tried. If you’re on the hunt for a stick foundation that won’t break the bank, head over to the Colourpop website and grab the No Filter Foundation Stix.

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Colourpop no filter foundation stud product review

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