Product Review: Trader Joe’s Rose Oil Hand Cream


Winter is still here. Bumper, right? Winter can be a total pain and it can also be super drying on the skin. These conditions makes it essential to moisturize and hydrate your skin. This might be total common sense for your face, but our hands are one area that is easy to overlook. Luckily, good ole’ Trader Joe’s has you covered. In the TJ’s beauty section, you’ll find the Rose Oil Hand Cream – a product they bring back nearly every winter. I’m a big fan of Trader Joe’s beauty products – the hydrating sheet mask and the rose water toner have always been favorites of mine. Let’s see if the Rose Oil Hand Cream is just as good and is worth a trip to your local Trader Joe’s!

First of all, let’s cover the price. Being a Trader Joe’s product, you can comfortably bet that this hand cream is a competitive price. It’s an affordable $4.99 for 3oz. of hand cream. Not too bad. The packaging is where I got the best first impression. Is it just me or is this package design very different for Trader Joe’s? It has much more of a Ulta or Sephora brand product feel, in my opinion. The adorable pink and silver packaging is a nice departure from the normal minimalistic, not too design heavy TJ’s beauty product.

product review trader joes rose oil hand cream

For the actual product itself, this hand cream can compete with any high-end or more expensive hand cream on the market. The scent is very subtle, which is quite nice for those of you who aren’t in love the a rose scent. And this product leaves your skin HYDRATED. It takes a minute or two to soak in but once it does, it really leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized. The key with any hand cream or moisturizer that I use is I need it to keep my skin feeling hydrated for a long time. Don’t just make my hands feel soft for 30 minutes and then I need to reapply! But the Rose Oil Hand Cream doesn’t fo that. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated for hours. For a small price of $4.99, the Trader Joe’s Hand Cream is well worth a trip to your local TJ’s. And while you’re there, grab some wine. TJ’s has some great wine. 🙂


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