Product Review: Trader Joe’s Rich Hydrating Sheet Mask


I know I’m not the only person obsessed with Trader Joe’s. How could someone not love the quirky atmosphere, killer prices, and incredible food?! But Trader Joe’s also has some pretty stellar beauty products, too. Ever since I found their Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Hair Mask, I knew I would need to try more of their beauty products. On a recent TJ’s trip, I spotted the Trader Joe’s Rich Hydrating Sheet Mask and I gravitated towards them. I obviously picked up a handful to give a shot. Let’s see if they performed just as amazingly as their other beauty products.

Product review Trader Joe’s Rich hydrating sheet mask

For starters, the packaging is simple and chic. It’s in your traditional sheet mask package, but the simple mint colored background makes this product seem very classy. The real shocker for first impressions is the price. This single-use sheet mask is only $1.99. At that price, it beats out nearly every other sheet mask at any beauty retailer. But the affordable price falls in line with what we expect from Trader Joe’s so it makes sense. With my affordable, chic-looking face sheet mask in hand, I left Trader Joe’s a happy girl.

Now onto the good stuff. This mask claims to soothe and revitalize dull, tired skin. It includes amazing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and honey, perfectly suited to meet the mask’s claims. I left this face sheet mask on my skin for approximately 15 minutes. Sheet masks can be kind of strange, but you just relax for a bit to let it do it’s work. During the process, I could definitely smell a light cucumber scent, making the whole experience very spa-like. Don’t worry if you don’t like strong scents — it was a very subtle scent. After the 15 minutes were over, I removed the mask and looked at my skin. Although there were no immediate visible effects, my skin felt INCREDIBLE. It was so soft and smooth. It truly made my skin feel much more hydrated.

I continued to use these sheet masks for a few days and my skin was so happy with me. I didn’t breakout once and always left my skin feeling super fresh. With gorgeous ingredients like rose hip oil and green tea, this sheet mask would easily make anyone’s skin feel incredible. I highly recommend grabbing a handful of these beautiful sheet masks on your next Trader Joe’s trip.

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Product review Trader Joe’s Rich hydrating sheet mask

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