Product Review: L’Oreal Infallible Freshwear Foundation


You all already know I am a sucker for new foundations. Whenever a new one comes on the market, I am always ready to test it, especially with the drugstore brands. Finding a great, everyday drugstore foundation can be a struggle, so I like to try as many as I can so you guys don’t have to! One of the latest foundations to hit the drugstore shelves is the L’Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear foundation, designed to be the fresher, natural skin finish foundation to the others in the Infallible range. I’ve tried the other Infallible foundations before. The Infallible matte was too drying for my skin and the Infallible dewy foundation made me look like an oil slick. I needed something in-between…and in comes the Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation. The answer to all my foundation prayers. Let’s dive into how this foundation really stands above the rest.

I’m going to break down this foundation by it’s pros and cons. And you should know that there are way more pros than cons. For starters on the pros, the L’Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation shade range is pretty expansive for a drugstore foundation with 30 total shades. Although the diversity of the shades could be better, they released a foundation that has lots of shade options which is something a lot of brands are missing the mark on nowadays. The product itself is a little bit thinner in consistency than the other Infallible products, but the thinner consistency makes for a much fresher looking appearance without necessarily having to use more. I use ONE pump of this foundation everyday and it covers my whole face with a light to medium coverage. I love that I’m using such a small amount, but it’s still giving me the coverage I’m looking for from an everyday foundation. You can still see my skin which I love. Below is my bare face, my face with one pump of foundation applied, and then the finished product after concealer, powder, etc.

product review loreal infallible fresh wear foundation review

Although you can still see my skin and some imperfections, you can easily build this foundation up and get a more full-glam, full-coverage look without it getting cakey. And the lasting power on this foundation is no joke. I apply this every morning at 7:30am and don’t take it off for at least 12 hours. Even at the end of the night, it’s not bunching up anywhere or sliding around on my face. I can’t say I’ve found a drugstore foundation that performed that well for that long before. And last but not least, it has a pump. You have to love a foundation with a pump.

product review loreal infallible fresh wear foundation review
Left: 420 True Beige
Right: 425 Linen

As for the cons, there really aren’t many. The biggest one for me, personally, is the price tag. The cheapest I’ve seen this sell for is $14.99. Although not a crazy price to pay for such a good foundation, it’s still higher than most other options at the drugstore. If you ever find this product on sale, BUY IT. The only other complaint I would have would be to add even more shades to the range to be more inclusive, but I hope that’s something L’Oreal is already working on since this product has proven to be a hit.

All in all, I highly recommend the L’Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation. I can see this being perfect for those of you with oily-combo skin and dry skin. This crowd-pleasing foundation has my seal of approval, so plan on picking it up on your next trip to the drugstore!

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product review loreal infallible fresh wear foundation review

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  1. I’m a sucker for affordable beauty. Great to see a review on a drugstore find. I’m in the market for something new and noticed my shade was available. I’ll check it out. Your final look was really cute too! #xoxoRandom

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