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On your weekly Trader Joe’s trip, do you ever find yourself wondering what their beauty products are like? If you’re like me, you wonder how well they work and how affordable they are. On a recent Trader Joe’s run, I decided to give in and purchase their Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Hair Mask. Not only did the adorable packaging call to me, but the simplistic, yet effective claims made me toss it into my cart. Let’s analyze if the claims held true and review how well the product worked for me. Maybe you should give in on your next Trader Joe’s run!

product review trader joes shea butter hair mask

First of all, the Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Hair Mask claims to “moisturize and revitalize dry, damaged hair. Deep conditioning for soft & silky hair. Vitamin E infused.” When I read what benefits this hair mask would have on my locks, I was excited. My hair is susceptible to sun damage, especially during this time of year. When I was little, my brunette strands would be sun-kissed blonde by the end of summer. Although the sun-kissed touch is nice, my hair tends to get dry and brittle with too much sun exposer. So when I came across this cruelty-free, $4.99 hair mask at my favorite grocer, I had to get it and test it out. In the past, I’ve used coconut oil on my hair as a treatment, always with positive results, so I had a feeling this natural hair mask would work well.

I eagerly used this hair mask the same day I purchased it. After I shampooed, I liberally applied the hair mask from root to tip. After about 5 minutes, I thoroughly rinsed and could already feel a difference. Is it just me or does freshly conditioned hair feel amazing?! Per my usual routine, I let my hair air-dry. I didn’t apply any other product to my hair to give the hair mask a chance to really shine through. And that’s exactly what it did. I kid you not when I tell you I am addicted to this hair mask! It made my hair silky smooth and made it feel so much healthier. I haven’t had a haircut in a few months (yikes), but the Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Hair Mask gave me that freshly cut & styled look and feel. Plus, the hair mask left a summery, tropical coconut scent throughout my hair that lasted all day making me want to jump on the next flight to the islands with every hair flip. The Shea Butter & Coconut Hair Mask is gentle enough to use every time you shower and affordable enough to ensure your shower always has a bottle.

product review trader joes shea butter hair mask

If you ask me, the Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Hair Mask from Trader Joe’s is not only worth picking up on your next Trader Joe’s adventure, but it’s worth making a special trip for it. If you have damaged, dry, or brittle hair, you need this hair mask in your shower. Trying this product got me thinking — what other goodies does Trader Joe’s offer in their beauty aisle? Looks like some investigative research is in order…

If you try out this hair mask, let me know what you think of it! Do you use any other Trader Joe’s beauty products? What are your favorites?


Oak & James

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10 thoughts on “Product Review: Trader Joe’s Hair Mask

  1. I, too, stumbled across Trader Joe’s hair mask. This product is absolutely amazing. I am well pleased; it’s now a”must have”. It’s definitely worth the trip and cost…this product exceeded my expectations. For me, it’s a hair taming miracle!

  2. I heard about this product when it was first released, but was hesitant to use it given my fine hair. I purchased it during my trip to Trader Joe’s today, and I am such a fan! I didn’t realize how affordable it is, and the scent is tropical but light. It’s not really meant for this purpose, but I used it for shaving and I loved it! It had slip, as well as hydrated my skin post-shower. I’m so glad I bought it!

  3. I’m 73 and I used TJ’s Hair Mask for the first time today-fabulous. My hair did not look 73and made me look and feel younger!

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