L'Oreal Air Volume Mega Mascara Review

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The Five Wearable Fall 2018 Accessory Trends You Should Try

Fall 2018 is here and we are all breaking out our cozy sweaters and suede booties, but what are you planning on accessorizing with? Of course, you can add a chunky scarf and call it a day, but there are some fun accessory trends on the horizon for this Fall. According to Vogue magazine, fancy gloves and designer bags that … Read More

Trader Joe’s Blueberry & Acai Facial Scrub Review

After my recent reviews of the Trader Joe’s Sheet Mask and the Trader Joe’s Hair Mask, I figured it only made sense to continue my way down the Trader Joe’s beauty aisle and try out another product you all might be curious about. On a recent TJs trip, the product that caught my eye was the Trader Joe’s Blueberry & … Read More

At-Home Teeth Whitening: Does It Work? (GIVEAWAY!)

Have you ever been in a situation where your outfit was designed to perfection, your makeup was pristine, but there was something missing that would’ve made your whole look 100 times better? I’ve been there and my missing piece was my smile. I always have a big smile on my face, but I always felt self-conscious that my teeth weren’t … Read More

How To Keep Your Makeup Shine-Free All Day + Natural Smokey Eye Tutorial

Have you ever applied your makeup, loved how it looked after you were done, and then 5 hours later it looks like a shiny mess? You’re not alone girl. I LOVE applying my makeup everyday. It’s something I legitimately look forward to. But I found that after a few hours of wear, my t-zone always started to get a little … Read More

Product Review: Trader Joe’s Rich Hydrating Sheet Mask

I know I’m not the only person obsessed with Trader Joe’s. How could someone not love the quirky atmosphere, killer prices, and incredible food?! But Trader Joe’s also has some pretty stellar beauty products, too. Ever since I found their Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Hair Mask, I knew I would need to try more of their beauty products. On … Read More

OOTD: Summer to Fall Graphic Tee & Corduroy Skirt

Fall fashion is slowly but surely on it’s way. I seriously can’t wait. I can already find myself incorporating Fall styles into my Summer looks, even if it means if I am slowly dying from heat. It’s worth it. But there are easy ways to incorporate Fall pieces into your Summer style that won’t make you too overheated, just like … Read More

Best affordable face cream for oily skin Walgreens antioxidant facial moisturizer product review

The Best Affordable Face Cream For Oily Skin: Walgreens Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer

Calling all my oily skin ladies and gents — I have found a perfect affordable face moisturizer for you. Run down to your Walgreens and pick up the Walgreens Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer. And I mean run, because this stuff is actually that good. Check out what makes this face cream the perfect option for you oily-skin ladies. Let’s start off … Read More

ASOS Fall Fashion Picks Under $100

Fall is just around the corner, people! I am so pumped because Fall fashion is my favorite. Cute sweaters, booties, leather jackets, wool hats….yes, yes, yes. I’m here for it. So since Fall is going to be here before we know it, I have started scouring the web for adorable new fashion pieces to amp up my Fall 2018 wardrobe. As … Read More

love beauty and planet dry shampoo product review

Product Review: Love Beauty and Planet Dry Shampoo

Let’s get real for a second…we all suffer from second or third-day hair every once in a while. Maybe even fourth or fifth-day hair, but we don’t need to go into much detail on that one. But it happens to all of us. And luckily dry shampoo was invented to help prevent all of us from looking like a greasy … Read More

OOTD: Sonny & Sabor Cream Jumpsuit

I’ll be honest, I used to think jumpsuits did not look good on me. They either made my 5’7” frame look too short or they were not flatter on my body. Over the past few months, Oak & James has inspired me to give more outfits and styles a try and I’m thankful for that because I am comfortable wearing … Read More